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  • ProShape™ Heat Treated (HT)

    ProShape™ Heat Treated (HT)

    Compare to ProTaper® Gold. ProShape™ HT are available in 21mm, 25mm, and 31mm lengths. SX available in 19mm only. ProShape™ HT features a heat-treated alloy that increases flexibility and the files...

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  • ProShape™ K-Files

    ProShape™ K-Files

    ProShape™ feature a square cross section and are available in 21, 25 and 31mm lengths.  6 Files Per Package

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  • Endo Direct 17% EDTA 16oz Bottle

    Endo Direct 17% EDTA 16oz Bottle

    Product Features: Prepares dentin walls for better ADHESION of filling materials Opens dentin tubules Removes smear layer and dentin mud Enhances cleansing

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  • Endocator ATP Biomarker-Coming Soon!

    Endocator ATP Biomarker-Coming Soon!

    Confirm a clean root canal in seconds! Endocator is the first and only chairside test to assess the cleanliness of a root canal prior to obturation. Endocator works by detecting trace amounts of ad...

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