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  • Woodpecker MotoPex Endo Motor

    Woodpecker MotoPex Endo Motor

    The Motopex from Woodpecker is a 360° rotatable cordless endodontic motor that features a compact integrated apex locator and 6:1 Contra Angle to support maximum visibility and accuracy.  More affo...

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  • Woodpecker Fi-P

    Woodpecker Fi-P

    The Fi-P Obturation Pen from Woodpecker is a dynamic endodontic tool used to provide heat to the working tip, cut the Gutta-percha point, and soften and pressurize the Gutta-percha.  It is the perf...

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  • Woodpecker Fi-G

    Woodpecker Fi-G

    The Woodpecker Fi-G Endo Obturation Gun is a wireless heating and extrusion device used for the injection of gutta-percha into the root canal.  It features a rapid heating system which warms the gu...

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